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Hazel Mei offers dreamy jazz vibes on new single ‘Fool’

Rising singer-songwriter Hazel Mei has released her new single ‘Fool’, offering a dreamy jazz soundscape and striking lyrics. Personifying her anxiety, Hazel explores the inescapable way that mental health struggles can control our minds, a subject that most of us can relate to. Hazel delivers her clever lyricism through soulful vocals, accompanied by shimmering melodies and twangy riffs. With a promising future lying ahead of her, this Brisbane-based artist is certainly one to keep on your radar.

“I wrote ‘Fool’ from the perspective of my inner-critic,” Hazel reveals. “I wanted to create an anthem that I could sing to take the power back from anxiety. Personifying this once paralysing feeling has helped me through moments of overwhelm and it’s pushed me to grow as a songwriter, producer and artist.”

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