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The track comes with a brilliant music video which showcases the bands infectious personality.

Newcastle Upon Tyne Alternative Post-Hardcore band ‘headcage’ continue their musical onslaught with their colossal new single ‘talk more’. With influences that lie within the early noughties Post-Hardcore, Emo & Metal brackets, ‘headcage’ present their contemporary interpretation of the styles and sounds that shaped their musical endeavours, pulling no punches in delivering bone crunching low-tuned riffs yet simultaneously offering very controlled and intensely melancholic lyrical content.

With a title of intent from the band their new single ‘talk more’ is a personal offering that highlights the scenario of a situation escalating far beyond the original intention and the realisation that just by simply ‘talking it out’ in the first place, things would never have ‘gone too far’.

“Thematically the song talks about the importance of communication. I drew from past experiences in my personal life and formed lyrical ideas based around how important it is to talk through issues with the people around you. Despite deriving my lyrical ideas from personal experience, I wanted to write in a broader style, to lay out the lyrics in a way that those who listen to it could perhaps envision in their own way and derive their own meaning and message from them”. – Frontman Leyam Pattison.

Watch the official music video right here:



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