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"Heathrow" is the hypnotising new single from American songwriter Madison Margot

A treasure within the hectic pop industry, 'Heathrow' is poignant yet relatable in all the right areas. Inspired by a Taylor Swift-esque vocal, Madison Margot feels like an artist that's destined to have her name in lights. Released June 25th, the track was produced by Tone Def (Green Day, Santana, Charli Adams) and escapes the world's currently toxicity with a reassuring hug. A track inspired by Madison's routine of constantly moving back and forth from London and LA, this songwriter better get used to travelling because we can feel a world tour on the cards within a matter of years.

Explaining her thoughts on the new release, Madison shares, “I wrote Heathrow about long-distance relationships. The anxiety that comes with counting down the miles until you have to kiss your lover goodbye at the airport. I have spent the past couple of years between London and my home Los Angeles, and Heathrow has become a very important setting in my story. Such an iconic airport that I have a love/hate relationship with! I am so proud of this song because of how it unfolds line by line. How the chorus throws a tantrum. How the verses bring attention to small details such as the music being listened to and the typical English weather. But no matter how specific it is, it is ultimately a song about just wanting to be with your love!”

"Heathrow" will instantly fly into your heart - go on, click below and be transported into Madison's beautiful world.

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