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Born and raised in the urban sprawls of the North West and Midlands, Hell’s Ditch is a new British punk rock group with “total heart and determination” setting a course to spark a new rebellion on our shores. Releasing their debut EP 'Take Cover' via Silent Cult on 23rd March 2023, the band will plant their flag as one of the most exciting new punk bands on the underground circuit.

To coincide with the announcement of the bands forthcoming EP, Hell’s Ditch have unveiled their new single ‘Ghosts’ which it our now via Silent Cult. The single has the band focusing on the emotional and mental toll of society's hunger for success and validation, as vocalist, Nick Davis, explains: "Ghosts is about the hanging weight of the past, the present and the future. Capitalism puts a premium on individual success, which leads people to feel like their failing if they don't achieve certain goals or milestones. It's all too easy to plant trees, grow them, and then cut them down inside the confines of your own head. I wrote most of the lyrics while watching my cats seemingly stare at nothing on the ceiling".

Listen to 'Ghosts' right here:

Pre-order 'Take Cover' right here: Union Membership Bundle | Hell's Ditch (

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