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Italian based singer-songwriter Her Skin has unveiled her debut album 'I started a garden'. The 9-track offering is a comforting collection of tracks that flaunt Her Skin's honeyed vocals and haunting indie-folk soundscapes. Her Skin has shared a track by track breakdown of the new release, giving the listener a profound insight into the meaning behind the music as they listen. Listen to 'I started a garden' below and read Her Skin's words for the journey...

Track 1 – ‘BONES’

‘Bones’ is a song about meeting someone new and wanting to be accepted for who you are by that person. It’s scary to open up, but I think that the desire to do so is truly something that you either feel in your bones or don’t feel at all. “bones” felt like the perfect opening song for this album; I’m just telling you that I’m back and that my music is different and that I’m someone different too, but I hope you like me anyway.

Track 2 – ‘CONFIDENT’

I wrote “Confident” because I needed a reminder that perfection isn't real and that it's ok to mess up. I needed a reminder to stop comparing my behind the scenes to everyone else's highlight reel. It's ok to feel bad, it's ok to use the wrong words, to waste time, to be late. It's ok to leave everything untitled.

Track 3 – ‘OLDER’

Older’ is a song about needing time alone to grow, to think, to learn, to love, to learn new ways to love. I wrote it in a time where I felt like I had already hit the bottom and the only thing I could do was to be patient and to become a better version of myself.

Track 4 – ‘SOBER’

‘Sober’ is probably the silliest song on the album and it is about finding out that the person you’re going out with is dating someone else and being angry about it.


‘Heavy-hearted’ is a song about trying to move on from someone and knowing you haven’t really moved on from them. It’s about being ghosted and still wishing them happy birthday, about saying you’d never call them again but still constantly checking your phone, about meeting them at a party with their new crush and pretending everything is ok.

Track 6 – ‘SUITABLE’

‘Suitable’ is a love song. I wrote it as a reminder that love should be something natural and spontaneous and that it's not something that you can force. I wanted to write a song that described this idea of love as something romantic, that wins all distances, something that's not really under your control.

Track 7 – ‘CHANGING’

‘Changing’ is a song about not being able to let go of someone that’s been in your life for a long-time but knowing that things between you are not working anymore. It’s about not liking things that change and having a hard time adapting.

Track 8 – ‘FORGET ME’

‘Forget Me’ is a song about breaking up with someone and realising that all you were doing while you were together was hurting each other.


‘It’s Hard to Breathe/ I Started a Garden’ is a song I wrote during the pandemic. It’s about missing someone but not wanting to miss them and about trying to occupy your time by taking care of your plants at home. I remember that I wanted to stop thinking about someone so desperately that he would end up being in my dreams almost every night. I think this song has a positive outcome: It’s hard to breathe and therefore I’m starting a garden to grow and learn and heal.



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