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Hip-hop artist Krispel is turning heads with optimistic new single 'Vibrance'

Taken from an upcoming debut EP, 'Vibrance' is best described as vividly intricate. The latest offering from Tiktok sensation Krispel is somewhere between the avenues of hip-hop and rap, with a dash of pop thrown in for good measure. With over 1.2 million followers on TikTok alone, the track came about after producer Kota discovered Krispel's music and sent him a hyper-pop beat pack.

A strong contender in the world of hip-hop, Krispel has over 55,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has released over 75+ tracks to date. Sitting highly on his discography, 'Vibrance' is a mesmerising number that uses colourful synthesisers and distinctive vocals to convey its story.

On the track's message, Krispel shares, "Vibrance is one of those songs that grabs everyone’s attention in the room until it’s over. It resonates a spontaneous and energetic frequency into the listeners world. The tempo keeps a head banging pace, while the instrumentation and flow of the vocals makes the listener make the face. You know the face (:"

Adding to the track's instrumentation, Krispel explains, “The instruments that make up the melody are mostly synths. They provide this electronic feel that bounce in a pocket that lets your body dance with ease. The drums are simple with an impeccable hihat rhythm, allowing the artist to shine and own his pocket. The 808 completely busts through the listener’s speaker, which is my favorite instrument of the track. I knew it was a hit when I first clicked play."

Stream "Vibrance" below.

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