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Hook deliver the breezy new single 'Best Days'

Following on from the release of their highly-praised debut EP early last year, Dublin-based outfit Hook have now returned with their latest offering 'Best Days'.

Bringing back more of that smooth and breezy indie-rock sound they are known for, 'Best Days' makes for a bold and enticing listen. Giving it a heavy dose of broad and atmospheric riffs and soaring aesthetics throughout showcases them in their best guise to date.

Adding about the track, vocalist and guitarist Eoin said, “The song is an autobiographical account of being a young person or in college. For some, it's a very lonely and isolating time. Everyone is telling you that these are the best days and years of your life, but more often than not it doesn't feel that way. There’s so many expectations to be social and interesting, but most people in fact have trouble making friends or feeling accepted.”

He goes on to say, “The chorus states that these are the best days of my life, but I don't think of them like that, and in fact can't imagine anything worse than that being true.”

Listen to 'Best Days' below.



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