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Hotel Avra releases his new emotional, electronic track, ‘Be Good’

Hotel Avra fuses exotic tones with ambient soundscapes and raw lyrics on his new track, ‘Be Good’. Proving that ambient music is anything but boring, Hotel Avra gets his sound grooving with basslines and stunning riffs that will keep you coming back to this track time and time again. With a buildup that’ll get you itching for the stunning vocal lines that Hotel Avra delivers, this track will keep you on your toes in the best way possible.

Hotel Avra shares: “‘Be Good’ is about the struggle of being yourself when you’re in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. A mix of joy when you feel hope, sadness when it doesn’t work, and fond reflection when you can finally move on. It’s wrapped up in a lofi house soundscape to make the whole thing feel like a memory of that love, softened by rose tinted glasses. It’s not trying to grab your attention, it’s made to be the backing track to your thoughts.”

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