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hunter 505 breaks down gender stereotypes on "paint my nails"

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Sydney neo-hip hop/pop act hunter 505 breaks down gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity on uplifting track “paint my nails,” led by his floating vocals over an anthemic arrangement of heavy bass, sharp beats and quiet guitar lines.

Managing to be carefree while also highlighting a powerful message on inclusivity and acceptance, the celebratory yet contemplative track taken from his forthcoming album <3, is a delicate mix of moody emo vibes and luscious pop melodies.

Speaking of the track which crafts a deep love story rooted in gender fluidity and post-modern society, he says, “As someone who has become acutely aware of the negative impact of toxic masculinity on myself and everyone else around me, it is important to me to push back against traditional gender stereotypes and liberate individuals to feel comfortable to fully express their genuine selves.”

Consistently delivering vibrant earworm soundscapes exploring themes of love, pride, self-awareness, and mortality hunter 505 leaves us anticipating what’s to come in his forthcoming album.

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