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Ido Spak drops uplifting album 'Epidemic Adventures'

Ido Spak The Jazz Traveler delivers 10-track album Epidemic Adventures, blending a crisp yet whimsical soundscape rooted in an optimistic narrative. Led by layers of piano and brass sections bringing an uplifting vibe to life.

With precise production skills merging into a vintage aesthetic, the joyous and soulful body of work was inspired by an online connection made during global isolation. Offering up a salve to our loneliness for when we need it most, Spak’s comforting jazz musicality continues to bring happiness to anyone listening.

Expanding on the themes of the album, Spak explains: “I bring elements from the Middle East and combine them with NYC Jazz and classical music. I explore non-conventional rhythms and do it through collaboration with musicians from different cultures such as Iran, Syria, Kurdistan… Canada, Germany and the goal is to break national and political boundaries.”

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