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Imelda Gabs channels a euphoric atmosphere on her debut album 'Synopsis'

Photo: 19TONES (Ernest Em)

Ever sine she firs emerged with her stunning debut single 'Fallen Angel' in 2020, Swiss artist Imelda Gabs has always looked to broaden and reinvent her sound. Branching out into a multitude of new and adventurous angles with her releases since, she has earned a reputation for incredibly diverse and adventurous aesthetics. And after recently returning with her comeback outings 'Thieves' and 'Reckless' in recent months, she has now released her eagerly-awaited debut album 'Synopsis', a record brimming with fresh and passionate ideas.

While her guise has certainly been an explorative one throughout her career so far, hearing this new eight-track collection all at once shows that she has still maintained a strong and cohesive direction within her work. Regularly adopting a vibrant alt-pop appeal throughout this new release, 'Synopsis' has this innovative but still succinct feel to it, resulting in a beautifully alluring full-length that showcases the very best of her distinctive sound to date.

Having also self-produced the new album, she is cementing herself as one of the more progressive names on the rise right now. Never afraid to try and explore something new within her music, her first LP is a broad and shimmering offering that is sure to serve her very well as she continues her upward ascent.

Enjoy 'Synopsis' below.

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