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Immi Dash shares shaking new single ‘Free Falling’

Immi Dash has returned with a new single, ‘Free Falling’, her first track in the aftermath of a stunning debut EP. ‘Free Falling’ takes Immi’s darker R&B elements and dials them up to eleven, bringing a sense of momentousness to the track with swirling synth oscillations and subtle string highlights that burst through the shaking percussive arrangement. Most importantly amongst the hazy soundscape, arrives Immi’s vast arrangement, exuding a sense of poise as she finds an irresistible conviction in her voice, elegant and powerful.

Immi adds, “‘Free Falling’ is about how life can feel totally out of our hands at times. It’s about my personal feelings of uncertainty & a fear of things not going the way I’d hoped in life. The song itself is very visual for me. When I wrote it, I was imagining an apocalyptic battle scene on the top of a building, where one person is pushed and is left to ‘free fall’ through the air. We wanted to create a cinematic soundscape to reflect that dark scene. The track was produced by Naila, mixed by Nak and mastered by Pete Maher.”

Based in Liverpool, Immi Dash has emerged as a rising star within the UK R&B scene, becoming known for his liquifying and smokey sound. Following the success of her debut EP ‘Falling Apart At The Seams’, which was featured across esteemed publications, Immi's notability has continued to rise.

Performing at renowned venues like the Cavern Club and international showcases at festivals such as Rotterdam's 'New Skool Rules', Immi Dash’s sound continues to refine her into a unique talent.



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