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‘Impasse’ is the new EP from rising artist shanesa

Blending a range of both old and new R&B sounds, Leicester based shanesa reveals her well-honed EP ‘Impasse’. glowing new EP ‘Impasse’. Getting personal with her listeners, the artist expresses her feelings through colourful runs and melodic harmonies, allowing fans into her world and showcasing her star-quality talent.

The 6 records in the EP tell the story of heartache and draw parallels to the sounds of Jhene Aiko, Jill Scott and Kehlani.

Speaking on her new project, shanesa revealed: “I wrote ‘Impasse’ within a month. I was going through some heartache and needed an outlet because I’m not great at expressing my emotions. Hopefully this comes through in the EP.”

Since she began building her discography in 2018, the young artist has seen much success already, with her debut EP ‘Esoteric’ hitting an impressive 100k streams in 2020. shanesa’s luxurious sound and an uber cool aesthetic is more than enough to cement her as an exciting new talent in the UK R&B scene.



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