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Inés Rae shares her shimmering pop gem ‘Don’t Say It’.

Inés Rae proved her pop prowess with her debut single ‘New Girl’ and follow up ‘Never Get It Right’ but she returns with a vengeance on the delectable ‘Don’t Say It’, a personal track that asks her partner for honesty. Inés’ crystal clear vocals give an emotional delivery full to the brim with infectious melodies over blissful synths, electric guitar plucks and a shuffling beat.

Speaking about her new release, Inés reveals: “This song is about how actions speak louder than words - in this case being led on by someone who says all the right things but when you arrange to meet at the party, they show up late and don't even pay you any attention. This will resonate with many I think - "Don't say it, if you don't mean it" - after all, there's nothing worse than easy and false promises that come to nothing. It's my way of saying that playing with emotions is never ok. I like to write songs about relatable experiences - to tunes you can't get out of your head.”

Inés Rae’s pop songwriting has well and truly put her on the map this year and we certainly haven’t heard the last of her.



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