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Indie alt-pop singer May Rosa explores the pain of loving someone with an addiction in 'Not Me'

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

A glamourous offering that feels at home, May Rosa's new single deals with the heart-wrenching theme of loving someone with an addiction. Armed with a hypnotising beat that blends ethereal synths, cello hooks and an addictive beat juxtaposed against poignant lyricism.

Described by the artist as a track about the “relentless vicious cycle,” of being in love

with someone with an addiction and the relief that comes with the end of such a co-

dependent relation, “Not Me,” was co-written with Romanian popstar Eneli and produced alongside Ryan McGroarty in Start Together studios in Belfast. Rooted in intimate song writing and classic 80s sounds from the likes of Eurythmics, Soft Cell and New Order, the track ushers in a new era of music for May Rosa who has gone from strength to strength in her career.

Love this gem!

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