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  • Alice Smith

Indie-Pop/Rock Artist Claire Vandiver Releases Latest EP 'Even When It Hurts'

Nashville born, Florida based Indie-Pop/Rock artist Claire Vandiver releases her latest EP ‘Even When It Hurts’, the six-track EP was co-produced NYC based composer/sound designer Keller McDivitt. Blending a wide array of influences ranging from indie rock, to modern pop, she has crafted her own unique sound that is truly fresh.

‘Even When It Hurts’ touches on topics ranging from passionate relationships, mental health, codependency, and all the spontaneity and complexities of an ephemeral youth. Expect to hear Wall-of-sound guitars, hard-hitting bass, spacey synthesizers, and thunderous drums providing the backdrop for Claire’s soaring vocals. The lead single of the EP ‘Standstill’ is about being stagnant in a relationship, the track showcases Claire’s voice perfectly, equal parts soft and welcoming one second to edgy and commanding the next.

Claire Vandiver on the EP “‘Even When It Hurts’ is about the complexities of passionate relationships and the ups and downs of them, It’s something fresh and bold. I wanted to shift gears and have a sound pallet that was unique and cinematic. I really feel I honed in on a sound and have found my place”

Claire has spent the past decade honing her craft as a musician and songwriter. She's previously released one EP and several singles recorded by multi-platinum producers ZK Productions in Atlanta. With her latest EP ‘Even When It Hurts’ Claire looks to expand her growing audience further as she plans to take her angelic voice on the road.

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