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Industrial-pop producer Lye Marlow gives an urban energy on her new track ‘Curly Fries’

Full to the brim with intoxicating sounds and spacey beats that pack a fiery punch, Lye Marlow shares a world of reckless whims and urban soundscapes on her new track ‘Curly Fries’. Sultry electronic melodies meet haunting harmonies, creating a sound that is distinctively her own.

Lye Marlow shares: “Curly Fries is a grungy pop song about indulging in reckless whims, and putting all consequences on indefinite hold. It’s inspired by the ephemeral blur of a night out with the perfect company - the kind of night where eating curly fries with Irish coffees in a diner at 4am isn’t the nightcap as much as watching the sunrise over a completely empty Times Square. The track started as an experiment in sound design, and I had as much fun producing it as I did finding the inspiration for it. I hope it shows!”

Lye Marlow’s promising talent is sure to cement her as a promising production talent and one to keep firmly on your radar.



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