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InHibit returns with new single 'Shame On Humans'

Borrowing from 90’s grunge and alternative rock, InHibit returns with his fiery new EP ‘Blinded’, featuring the electrifying stand out single ‘Shame On Humans’.

A true headbanger, the track careers into an explosion of snarling vocals, vigorous riffs and pounding percussion, with an infectious chorus that is hard to shake from memory. Evoking strong imagery through it’s introspective lyricism, the accompanying visuals are abstract and unusual, with a cinematic finish that matches perfectly with the production of the song. With a sound similar to that of Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana, InHibit’s thought-provoking, ear-twisting tracks are intriguing, and challenge the social norm.

Based in Brussels, the 21 year old singer and composer, also known as Noah Roovers, is something of an enigma. A poet, former racing driver and qualified lawyer, he throws himself into each of his beyond varied passions with equal determination, hence the startling and spellbinding quality of his sound. With his previous tracks such as ‘The Quest’ and ‘Shadows’ being received to rapturous acclaim, ‘Shame On Humans’ is a step in a darker, broodier direction, and one that looks set to serve him well this year.

Listen to 'Shame On Humans' here:

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