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A Day Without Love is the prime example of an artist enjoying their music and doing it for the fun of it. A diverse multi-genre project hailing from Philadelphia, Brian Walker wanted to start putting his feelings into music after experiencing something no human being should, being homeless. This occurred after Hurricane Sandy, and gave him a new perspective on life, leading to ADWL.

It's led to him playing with over 700 bands, releasing a tonne of music and playing at venues and festivals all over the country, so we caught up with this unique musician on his new single 'Show Friends' and everything else at FLEX:

Hey A Day Without Love, sum up your music in three words for FLEX please!

I would describe my music as fun, cathartic and vulnerable

Who are your main influences?

My main influences are Weezer, Pat the Bunny, Bill Withers, Radiohead and Kaki King.

What drew you to this sound sonically as a band?

As a solo act I aimed to blend a number of influences into one rock song. At the time I was listening to a lot of Lovejoy and Anthony Green and wanted to work on this track with friends.

Tell us about your new single 'Show Friends', what's it about?

Show Friends is about making friends as a touring musician across the country and wanting a diverse community. As listeners, performers, and community members I think we all are seeking friendships, but how we navigate those friendships are often through the pre and post concert activities. It's all about who you speak with, who you mosh with and who you eat with. I wanted to make the song an anthem to friendships made at shows.

How was the recording and writing process?

I wrote the song about 9 different times and in two different keys before I became happy with it. I want to thank my vocal coach Renee Drezner for helping me lock it down. We did the drums for this song at Kitzy's Basement in Mt Airy ( founder of Left of the Dial) and then after that we took our time with guitar and bass tones with a variety of amps and pedals and then went straight to work. The string section was done by a group of friends on a whim, but I am thankful for Maya, Erin and Ellen's contributions to make the ending of the song more interesting.

There seems to be a bunch of genres incorporated in this one, was that the aim?

Show Friends is the beginning of an album called A Stranger That You Met Before. I am glad you caught this because I wanted the record as well as each song to be their own blend of genres to pay homage to the various artists I have played with and to share my multiple influences as a creator. Often songs are written as flat pieces with expecting elements, I wanted to be accessible, while also being different.

What's next for adaywithoutlove?

I am going on a full US tour and you can review the dates here ( see flyer) and I will also be releasing another single the first week of June!

Listen to 'Show Friends' here:

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