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Alex Rohan is a Massachusetts born singer songwriter who blends together a multitude of different genres, all taking form from him and his acoustic guitar. Heavily influenced by folk, blue glass, reggae and heavy metal, one would wonder what this unusual combination would result in sonically.

He so far has released his debut EP 'Lancaster EP' last year, and is now on the verge of releasing his next single 'Blurry' on July 8th. We sat down with this highly strung artist with a lot to say musically exclusively for FLEX.

Your music brings so many different genres and influences, how do you pin your sound down and explain it to others?

That’s a wonderful observation, I would express that my music is a direct highway to the way my mind works. My sound comes from a world of creative and unique genres to help make my storytelling stand out in multiple ways. To really classify and pin down one’s sound is extremely difficult for me personally but I feel like I write and play music in a way that brings you into my headspace for moments at a time, while hopefully creating some kind of relatable content. I tend to jump from genre to genre because of loving so much different music throughout my upbringing and musical journey.

You released your debut EP 'Lancaster EP' last year, how was that for you?

The “Lancaster” Ep release was one of the funnest “ Live “ sessions I’ve been apart of to the day. The musicians that played on the album ( Adam Steinberg, Beau Sasser, Tommy Dhiel, Paul Kokanski, Laura Manzi, Danny Bernini, Paul McNamara) was such a great team of amazing and talented players & producers. We recorded the entire EP In two days, hitting most Rock influenced genres from Swelling ballads, reggae, folk, soft rock, modern classic rock etc. This release was followed by many opportunities to collaborate and promote in songwriters festivals and live gigs throughout the year. New connections and new experience’s was a huge part of the success of “Lancaster”.

Your upcoming single 'Blurry' is out next month, please tell us all about that!

“blurry.” Is a my newest single that drops July 8th 2022, this song was written on acoustic guitar and normally played live on guitar as well but, in the studio we made the decision to transpose this to a more “new school” piano vibe. This song is very dark and moody. The vocals being the main focus are vulnerable at times alongside power and precision to the lyrics. This song could be interpreted many ways but ultimately describes the feeling of betrayal and hope for redemption in a relationship of any kind.

Listen to "Lancaster EP" in full here:

What would you say is your favourite way to write?

My favourite way to write would be in the morning with a coffee, my acoustic guitar, laptop and the tv on low to maybe catch some cool lyric idea’s I hear in the background. Normally I have a riff that I put a scenario to, but sometimes the lyrics come first. It’s different a lot of the time but I do see some similar moods that are easy for me to write about. Sad songs have always been easier for me to write. Happier songs tend to be hard not to make sound to“ corny “ in my opinion.

Is there a debut album on the horizon after this?

Yes, there is a debut album in the near future. I have one more single to release within the next 6 months and then I will be working on my first full album! Hopefully by the summer of 2023!

And finally, describe your new single to us in three words!

Vulnerable Powerful Different

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