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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Brock Mattsson is somewhat of a new and quite mysterious artist in the country world. Only releasing his second single 'Rather Be With You' earlier this year, we wanted to learn more about the Canadian songwriter who looks to be following in his Grandfather's footsteps. Bringing a real beautiful simplicity to his music, Brock lays it all down on this impressive sophomore, so we sat down with Brock to talk the new song, plans for the future and more:

Hey Brock, welcome to FLEX! How are you doing today?

I’m doing great thanks! It's a sunny cool day here in Summerside, PEI. No snow yet which is weird but I’m not complaining!

Your gentle country music is really just a pleasure to listen to, tell us all about your sophomore single ‘Rather Be With You’!

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy its calmness as much as I do. I’ve always loved slow gentle music and now love to write and create it myself. “Rather Be With You” came from a time in my early twenties where I was wanting to venture around Canada and meet new faces and see places I’ve never gazed upon before. So I found myself moving to Edmonton, AB., leaving a love interest behind in Ontario. I just kept wishing each person I met romantically were them.

A classic love song, is ‘Rather Be With You’ about anyone in particular?

I do strive for and love writing traditional country songs, not all my songs are about personal experiences in my life but “Rather Be With You” was indeed written about an early relationship I started in Ontario. We dated right before I uprooted to Alberta and we found common interests and goals in our lives and thought once I moved, long distance would work. It in fact did not haha and I was lonely and heartbroken. Tried dating in the prairies and just found myself comparing everyone I met to them. So then I wrote this song to help get over the feelings of heartbreak and try and put that part of my life in the past.

Listen to 'Rather Be With You' here:

Where did you record and produce the track?

Both my singles were recorded and produced at Threshold Recording Studios in Hamilton, ON. with my friend Cohen Wylie. Cohen was working and apprenticing at the studio at the time and I rented the space and we laid down the track and he worked his magic and made it sound so beautiful. I went to Cohen as I knew his love for music and tone was beyond anyone else I knew and he’d turn the song into what we know as “Rather Be With You” today. It’s my favourite track of the two singles I recorded there, and I was happy not only Cohen could’ve produced it but also play the iconic old time solo in the tune.

What was your favourite moment when writing the song?

Honestly my favourite part of the song when writing it was when it was complete haha. When I write music I always focus hard on the lyrics and revise them until I feel I can’t improve on the lyrics anymore. After that I have the guitar come afterwards. So once I can start putting guitar to the track I usually feel very joyful and rewarded as I feel I've finally completed a song. There’s nothing better than feeling accomplished in completing something in life.

Who are your biggest influences?

My Grandfather Larry Mattsson is and will always be my biggest country influence. He bought me a fender squire and 15 watt marshall amp on my Dad's birthday one year and then from then on taught me chords and I self taught myself from there. I’m working on getting his albums transferred digitally from tape so people can hear his songs that influenced me so much. Other influences of mine are George Jones and Willie Nelson, Jones for his amazing heart wrenching voice and Willie for his beautiful song writing. Both those things together are something I aim for in a song.

Any new music in the pipeline for 2023, Brock?

For 2023 as for releases I’m not sure yet, I took a large break from music and am excited to be playing and touring again. I’ve never stopped writing music, so I have loads in my library waiting to be released. There's a few I’ve been reworking and think they’d be perfect for an EP or another 7” single release. A lot are personal and others are just fun stories or situations I’ve created in my head. There’s also jot notes of song ideas I’ve had for years that I’m itching to finally write and release. So in shorter words I guess there’s a very good chance you’ll see something come into light in the new year from me.

Thanks for joining us! Feel free to tell us your social links here so our reads can follow you.

Thank you for your time and I enjoyed talking about my single and more with you! The best socials to follow to keep up in the loop with my music is my instagram for news and such, the rest are just any streaming platform you use to listen to music Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music etc.!

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