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Carne are a brand new project set up by Colten Dahle (guitar, vocals) and Arne Woinarowicz (drums) with Jay LaBay (bass) recently joining the group. With early influences stemming from greats like The Beatles, Rolling Stones and the likes, they have been making their own implementation of music and released their debut EP 'Better Off Now', a five track record full of surprises. We sat down with them at FLEX to learn more about Carne, and what makes them tick.

Hey Carne! You seem like a really tight knit group, does that help your creative process?

Definitely. Getting together and playing is really the fuel that keeps everything moving. Even if we’re writing or recording individually, it all comes back to getting together and sharing what we’ve come up with.

Tell us a bit more about your first EP 'Better Off Now'?

This EP is a handful of our favourite songs we’ve written over the past few years playing together. The overarching theme of it is breaking detrimental ties and leaning into the relationships that bring us life. It’s kind of our first stab at an official release and we are thrilled with the feedback and support we’ve received so far.

Your music has a real throwback feeling to it, is this the intention?

Yeah, we started the group wanting to harness some of the sounds of music we grew up with and love. I don’t think we ever really had a defined vision of what things would sound like in the end, the process really just involved taking bits and pieces from our influences and putting them together to make something new.

Stream 'Better Off Now' in full here:

You've released your debut EP, what is in store next for Carne?

Can never be too sure about what’s next but we’re excited about getting some more music out there and meeting up with friends, old and new. Hoping to branch out a bit more and see some new sights.

You seem to be very focused on community, is this something you factor into your writing?

Absolutely. Making music has always had a strong community aspect to it for us. Ultimately the things we write are meant to be shared in hopes that someone out there might resonate with it and help them feel something.

And lastly, how would your music be for our readers?

Our music might be for you if you’re a fan of a nice juicy burger—vegetarian ones are cool too!

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