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Halde is the solo project of Sabrina, former singer and co-founder of Canadian indie-pop band Groenland. After the band’s success, Sabrina took a step back to reassess and go through a long transformation triggered by the losses in her life. After a time of healing and self-discovery, Halde unveiled her first solo album 'The Flow'.

- Hi Halde, thanks for your time. How have you been since you left the band you cofounded Groenland?That moment in time feels like 20 years ago ! The transition into my solo project was an interesting one. It took a lot of time for me to gather up all of my energies to start all over. I've had to let go of a lot of pressure I was putting on myself. I moved into the country right before the pandemic, and I started healing some stuff. I feel much better now !

- You've just released your first solo album 'The Flow' - Congratulations! Is it important for you to release music on your own now?Thank you ! It is important. I think I needed to allow myself to explore and do my thing. Leaving Groenland was like leaving the family nest. I needed to grow into my own person haha !

- What inspired all the tracks on the album?“The Flow“ is about connecting to what's under the surface; my intuition. My mom's health has taken a difficult turn in the last few years. She's got Alzheimer's disease. The album talks about her in a lot of ways. It's about dealing with grief and learning to let go of some burdens. “The Flow“ is also about slowing down and following my own rhythm. It's not about chasing after a dream anymore, it's about trusting that I'm where I'm supposed to be.

- Which song would you say represent you and your sound the most?I would say that “Waves“ represents where I was when I started the writing process. Groenland was a much more orchestral sound. I still love that, but I feel like “Circles“ is where I am now in terms of the sound.

- What can we wish you for the future? I want to stay healthy and keep going with the flow ! I hope I can find a way to make a living without burning myself out. So let's hope for positive change in the industry, and beautiful opportunities :D

Listen to 'The Flow':


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