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Howie Combrink has become a sort of national hero in his homeland of South Africa.. The accomplished, musician, producer and singer-songwriter has many strings to his bow, and he continues to release music that speaks right to the soul. A crisp combination of folk and rock, he shares his new single 'Summer Sunshine', and although summer has now passed in the year of 2022, this beautifully written song makes you hold onto the memories of the better days.

We sat with Howie to learn all about him and what makes Howie Combrink tick, in this exclusive interview for FLEX:

Hey Howie, welcome to FLEX How are you?

Very well thank you. Thanks for having me.

Could you describe your sound & style for any of our readers who may not have heard of you before?

I’m a multi-instrumentalist that likes to sing songs.. It’s a blend of country folk music with a touch of world music to it. I love African and Reggae rhythms

Give us a fun fact about yourself we can’t find from Google/social media!

I used to be an aspiring professional golfer. In my high school years, it was my main focus.

Please tell us all about your new single 'Summer Sunshine'!

Summer sunshine is a song that is written about the love of my life. She makes me feel like summer. She actually features in the music video. Th song was recorded with an old school 70’s feel whilst using modern equipment. The idea was to make the track feel old but sound new, if that makes sense!

Stream 'Summer Sunshine' here:

Please tell us a bit about your creative process when it comes to songwriting?

I usually find the chords first and start jamming around those ideas and tempos and then I put up my iPhone and record a voice note of me jamming and messing around with various melodies. Sometimes words come out and I end up finding a hook of sorts, a foundation. From there it goes to the studio and I play build it up and make a record.

Who or what influences your sound?

People I meet, things I experience and the people I love are usually the things that inspire me. I tend to also get influenced by humanity and social issues and often find the need to write something that could possibly inspire change for greater good. Songs like ‘I SEE YOU and ‘BELIEVE’ are tracks that very much share that message.

& Lastly, what can fans expect from Howie Combrink next?

I have a new full-length album coming out in January. I am so excited for that and I intend to tour hard in the new year so, look out for shows


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