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I BORN is one of the most rising names in hip-hop at the moment, and this can truly captured by his latest collaboration with the legendary Ghostface Killah on 'World Famous'. The Wu-Tang Clan member and I BORN work harmoniously on this stylish and classic hip-hop track, that showcases just why I BORN is becoming so highly regarded in the scene.

We sat down with him to learn more about the track, what it was like to hook up with such an icon in the world of hip-hop and beyond and much more, exclusively for FLEX!


Hey I BORN, welcome to FLEX! How are you doing? Amazing! Thank you. And yourself? Tell us about your new single 'World Famous', what inspired this song? World Famous' inspiration came from the music (the beat) it sounded like something that would be heard all over the world. once I laid my vocals I thought to myself Ghostface would sound great on this song and a phone call was made and the rest is history. What was it like to work with Ghostface Killah on this one? It was a dream come true because he's one of my favourite artists and he is such an inspiration to me musically and he has one of the greatest minds in rap, not to mention we have a great relationship he's like a big brother to me. What was the recording and writing process like? Once i heard the beat the lyrics came to me instantly and I wrote the song in literally 5 minutes. To watch an icon work is incredible and inspiring. Why do you make music? I love the feeling that it gives me. Music allows me to go deep into a creative zone. knowing that what I write and create will be heard by hundreds of thousands of people and have them feel and embrace what I have created is an indescribable feeling. And finally, what is next for I BORN?

Embarking on a tour overseas, the release of my highly anticipated second project that is soley produced by the Heatmakerz. A few other things that are in the works that I can't speak on right now, but they are big so stay tuned.

Stream 'World Famous' now:


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