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INTERVIEW: Jake Daniels discusses influences, future plans, and his latest EP 'Obsessed'

After releasing a flurry of fresh and enticing cuts over the last few months, New York-based artist Jake Daniels has now released his eagerly-awaited new EP 'Obsessed'.

Featuring a host of previously shared efforts including 'Novia', 'Creep' and the breakthrough anthem 'Liar', 'Obsessed' makes for a wonderfully bright and compelling listen. With his distinctive approach to the alt-pop sound layered throughout this six-track collection, it feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more from him as the year rolls on.

So with the new EP available to stream now, we sat down with him to find out more about his latest release and what has been inspiring him most lately.


Hi Jake, how are you today?

I'm doing well! Just getting prepared for this EP release, I could not be more excited.

For those that haven’t heard of you yet, how would you best describe your sound and who have been your biggest influences so far?

I would describe my sound as the dark side of disney. I really grew up on animation films and series, and always had a soft spot for the villain characters usually, given their backstories.

Do you remember what the first song was that made you want to start a career in music?

I don't remember the first, but one of them was "A song for you" by Donny Hathaway. I loved how it took you through all of the emotions and the lyrics were very relatable, even at a young age.

And are there any songs in the world that you wish you had written yourself?

Oh yes, many! A few though are : Isn't she lovely - Stevie Wonder, Thriller - Michael Jackson, guillotine - Jon Bellion, and recently we don't talk about bruno - Disney Cast.

You have just released your new EP ‘Obsessed’. Can you tell us how that came about? Is there a story behind it?

There is! I wanted to make a project based on the emotions you feel during relationships, with a hint of mental instability thrown in, and how that feels also. Ultimately it's a story of how love and lust can feel, much like a roller coaster with ups and downs.

And was there a particular style you were looking for when you wrote it?

I just wanted the tracks to feel like stories. A lot of the sons I make are VERY story-based, and I want the listener to have the ability to have their own interpretation of what's happening throughout the song. I just provide the canvas, the listener paints on it if that makes sense.

Do you have a personal favourite song on the EP?

My Personal favorite from this one has to be "Obsessed." My friend Birk and I wanted to go for a more upbeat soundscape on the production end, whilst keeping the same storytelling vibe within the lyric format. I think this one just have an extremely high replayability factor and that's why I really enjoy it.

Restrictions have only just been lifted since the pandemic, but what have you got in store for the rest of the year? Any live shows we should know about?

Let's hope so! Live performances are one of my absolute favorite things to do and experience also. I would love to play some festivals, maybe later in the year, we will see what happens.

And finally, what is the best piece of musical advice you have ever been given?

The best piece of advice I ever been given in music and in life is that hard work will always beat talent. It doesn't matter if you're the best in the room, it just matters that you show that you are the hardest worker and that you will always do your best. You can do anything you put your mind to! That's what I would tell anyone trying to pursue their dreams in any field.


Jake Daniels' new EP 'Obsessed' is available to stream now. Check it out below.

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