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Interview w/Solarrio

Solarrio, the multi-talented musician and producer, is ready to captivate the music scene once again with his new release titled "B the 1". The single marks the beginning of Solarrio's journey into his debut album. This new track explores the universal quest for love and connection. We got to chat with the artist about this new release, artistry and upcoming debut album.

Can you start by telling us who's behind the name Solarrio?

My name is David Barenboim, I was born in Paris to Argentinian-Russian parents that were both classical musicians and I’ve lived in Chicago, Boston & Berlin. I spent a while producing for various artists in Germany under the name KD Supier and launched the Solarrio project in 2017 with the release of my self-titled EP.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new single, "B the 1"?

“B the 1” is one of the moodier/darker songs on the new project sonically. It’s kind of a bridge between my previous material and the new stuff. Thematically it ties into the overall theme of my album, which is “looking for love in all the wrong places”. Most of my songs are inspired by real life situations but I try to write them so anyone might be able to relate. In this case, it’s looking for “the one” which turns out to be more of an idea than someone real.

"B the 1" marks the beginning of your journey into your debut album. What can listeners expect from the album in terms of themes and musical style?

My music has always had a significant 80’s synthpop influence to it, that continues on my debut but the focus is more on electro-funk and RNB inspired sounds. I wanted to make a fun album with a lot of uptempo dance music.

Are there any specific artists or musical influences that have played a significant role in shaping your music, especially for this new release?

The biggest influences would have to be Prince and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. But also Phil Collins, Rick James, Zapp & Roger. As far as more recent acts I would say The Weeknd, Chromeo, The-Dream, Tame Impala.

Throughout your career, you've collaborated with various artists and ventured into different music scenes. Any memorable experience to share with us?

Too many to narrow it down to one. I wore many hats haha. From producer, songwriter to tour manager, DJ, live guitarist, background vocalist/hypeman. One of the craziest experiences was Lang Lang inviting me to the Grammys with him after I had remixed one of his records. He was performing with Herbie Hancock and I got to hang out backstage during the whole ceremony and go to the afterparty with him. I knew then and there that I would be back someday on my own merit.

What has been the most rewarding part of your musical journey so far?

Honestly getting this album done has properly been the most rewarding so far. I feel like I finallt found my voice and my sound and I put my all into it. Me and my collaborators had a very clear idea of where we wanted to go musically and it was far from all the algorithmic/playlist based music. I feel like this has been missing so why not make it myself? Can’t wait to share it with the world!


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