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INTERVIEW: We chat to UK artist Pete Beat

Pete Beat is a singer-songwriter and producer, who has been writing and recording for over 25 years. He is based in Newcastle in the North-East, UK. Pete played the organ as a child, and started producing music using a Commodore Amiga in the early nineties, when he also took up the guitar.

His ‘career’ began in 2006 with a single release on a small American tech-house label. This led to appearing as a vocalist on a Russian trance record a year later, these events providing inspiration to keep on making music. Pete has released two albums, both within the space of a year, which followed several EPs and singles released over the last 10 years. Previous releases have gained BBC 6Music and BBC Newcastle airplay, and very positive comments from DJ’s including BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson.

‘Before The War’ is the upcoming third album from Pete Beat, and features the same quirky production style and lyrical slant which appeared on his previous releases. The first single from that album is the wonderful ‘Drinking Lager’, which is out now and available to stream and download on all digital platforms. We chat to Pete…


So, this year has been a whirlwind. How has it been creating your music in lockdown?

It's been fine really, it doesn't feel like I've done much more, or any less, than normal. I've done everything myself at home, which I normally do, so lockdown hasn't really presented any problems. As always, I'm learning, so I've developed my sound as I do every year.

How did the Pete Beat project start out?

It's not so much a 'project' as just what I do, or at least have done for the last 10 or 11 years in nearly all of my spare time! I've been making music a lot longer than that, but really started doing it every spare moment about 8 or 9 years ago. There is no target style, or audience, I'm just doing what is interesting to me.

Drinking Lager is such an unusual song and we've never heard anything quite like it! The lyrics seem to be a mix of humour and something more sombre! What was the inspiration behind the track?

It's about drinking lager in the yard, alone, during the lockdown summer of 2020. That was great though not seeing people is a downside even for someone as unsociable as me, and is now wearing a bit thin when we're coming up to a year of it. But even if the vaccination rollout doesn't go to plan, we've got the summer to look forward to! Beer, sun, burgers and music, sounds like bliss in cold January.

How do you usually begin your process of making a track? Lyrics first or musical structure?

Both together, a lyrical idea and a musical idea, and the song follows naturally. My output has slowed a little bit recently but for seven years solid I wrote and recorded a song every week.

Obviously, right not gigging seems like a completely alien concept! But, when things open back up again you got any plans for us to hear your tracks live if we're around in the North-East, UK?

Yeah... I would love to play a gig. Having played Lindisfarne Festival in 2019 I was booked again for 2020 which obviously didn't happen, and I doubt it will happen in 2021 but as soon as I am vaccinated and the venues or pubs are back open, I will be out there. My facebook page is probably the best source of gig info.

Any other future projects you can hint to? Any music coming up after ‘Drinking Lager'?!

Yes, I have singles with videos coming out in February and March, followed by an album in April. And there will be more in the future which I'm working on now in between drinking more lager (currently inside the house).



Listen to ‘Drinking Lager’ by PETE BEAT ON SPOTIFY NOW and other platforms HERE

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