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INTRODUCING: fakeyourdeath with debut music video ‘truth’

Brighton Electronic Post-Hardcore duo fakeyourdeath have shared the official music video for their debut single ‘truth’.

An explosive track that examines the complexity of human relationships and expressing yourself without holding back. ‘truth’ is the first offering from the beautifully relentless pair that authentically combine to musically explores the opposition between the raw, chaotic energy and the vulnerability and serenity of anger and blame.

The band mention,

truth is an outpouring of hate, anger and blame, stemming from the feeling of being creatively oppressed. It's not meant to be pretty or catchy or easy to listen to, it's written to challenge and to make someone feel uncomfortable when all those deepest darkest thoughts come flowing out with little time to breathe. truth is about creative oppression; about feeling trapped and not being allowed to explore how you really feel as a human. It's not sugar-coated, it's not written around a theme or someone else's experience, it's a raw, real song that opened up Pandora's box and let out a whole lot of hate.

Watch the official music video right here:

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