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Manchester based Post Hardcore outfit Pleiades have shared their brand new single ‘Siberian

Encouraging themselves to be seen as an anomaly of the alternative world, Pleiades have spent the time since their formation cultivating an artistic, heavy sound that leaves them unbound by categorisation. Inspired by stories of empathy and human nature, they aim to be the sculptors of a bold new sonic landscape.

'Siberian', produced by Joe Clayton (Pijn, Leeched) reflects the story of Alexander I, a Russian emperor in the 1800s alleged to have faked his own death to live a life of isolation and solitude.

...after a lot of reading during 2020 I came across the story of Alexander I of Russia and a rumor that he faked his own death to live as a hermit. It served as a vehicle for my narrative of giving up everything in search of solitude and that no amount of wealth was enough. Whether it was because of the pressure of titles or the guilt of living in such privilege while others suffer we’ll never know. We’ll never be sure it's even true but itself serves as a strong metaphor for a desire for anonymity”. - Vocalist, Andrew Calderbank.

Check out the single right here:



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