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Introducing: Rising British Singer C Scarlet

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Pulling from everything from Rap, Soul, Dance and Pop, it's clear that British artist C Scarlet is a definite one to watch in music right now. Crafting sounds that genre-bend and refuse to conform in any sort of label, C Scarlet's music aims to please anyone looking for an indulgent escape from reality and her latest release — the euphoric track “Do You Wanna” — is perfect proof of that.

The pounding hit from the Milton Keynes singer-songwriter is filled with the traits C Scarlet is quickly becoming known for: atmospheric beats, lush melodies, and infectious hooks juxtaposed with her captivating and unforgettable lyrics. “'Do You Wanna' is a fun, flirty song which makes you want to move,” C Scarlet explains. With more and more concerts and clubs opening, C Scarlet became inspired by the future nights out everyone is so desperate to have. “I wanted to write and release a feel-good dance track, ahead of clubs and the music scene reopening.”

Check out "Do You Wanna" now!

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