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  • Ellie McGuire

ION Unleashes Refreshing Blend of Indie and Rap on ‘Xeno’

London-born Jon Sadiku, known as ION, explores creative themes with witty lyricism and dreamy soundscapes. He returns with his latest single, 'Xeno' showcasing his versatility in vocals, lyrics, and production, and his trademark indie flows and sensational rhythms, appealing to indie and rap enthusiasts.

ION showcases their vocal and lyrical versatility, showcasing their sonic-encompassing elements in a dynamic genre-bending selection on ‘Xeno’. It’s a refreshing return to explore his musical abilities all the while bringing the listener on a realm journey through this mesmerising track.

“I use the word 'Xeno' in this song as a metaphorical expression for our individual quirks. We each have our own 'out of this world' ways of perceiving, behaving, and living. And whilst people may question (as I sometimes do) whether the way they are is normal or not, I believe that everyone should be proud of their peculiarities because they are YOUR ways of doing! They make YOU who YOU are and there is no right or wrong in that! 'Xeno' thus elaborates on this sentiment, where I talk about my own gradual acceptance with my ways,” ION comments on the track.

Be sure to check out, ‘Xeno’:

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