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Irish Artist Chósta Drops Captivating Track 'Late Night Jazz Radio'

Existing in one way or another for about two years, Late Night Jazz Radio is the latest single from Chósta, otherwise known as Conor Kelly. Originally from Ireland, Chósta is a regular and reliable artist that is aired on the Dublin Digital Radio; no doubt effortlessly relaxing and satisfying the listeners of the show every time. With music taking on a different purpose throughout lockdown, providing us with a safe conduit to escape to a new reality, we see Late Night Jazz Radio embody the feeling of what life was like before a pandemic.

To accompany the record, the music video, directed by Jack Martin, was shot in the Dublin city centre, during the worst part of the pandemic. Ghostly towns and abandoned venues were filmed throughout, providing us with the sinister truth of what was really happening around us at the time. The record and the visuals combined, hark back to a year that for many of us will find unforgettable.

Listen to Late Night Jazz Radio (which dropped 5th of November) and follow Chósta on his relevant social media platforms.


Words provided by Charlotte Bromley


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