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It's A Cool Day Release Single 'The Butterfly Effect' with Chill Music Video Off Debut EP

Credit: DJ Self Born & Olskool Ice-Gre

Rap/R&B duo It’s A Cool Day kicks things off with their single, “The Butterfly Effect,” and its accompanying promo video, OUT NOW. The track, a chill, melodic exploration of the excitement felt during the early stages of a relationship, is a perfect combination of catchy hooks and smooth verses. With a likeness to Labrinth, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Drake, and SZA, it fits well into the direction of modern R&B while maintaining an evident individuality and smart lyricism. This release is the perfect introduction to the duo’s debut EP You’re Welcome off of Honest Music.

These Chicago natives currently reside on the West Coast. It's A Cool Day is made up of The C.o.o.l, who now lives in Los Angeles and Day Underscore who lives in Las Vegas. The two artists balance each other out. C.o.o.l is a rapper/singer/songwriter/designer and Day is a rapper/singer/songwriter/arranger/producer/studio engineer. Their talents were recognized by music industry veteran Greg "Olskool Ice-Gre" Lewis (Abstract Mindstate), who was the very first A&R of Good Music and a twenty-three year creative collaborator to the artist formerly known as Kanye West. Together, the duo has created a sound described in the bio of their United Masters website as,“...a symphony of lush melodies, beautiful harmonies and soothing overtones that feel like an early afternoon drive on the pacific coast highway.” Their mission is to, “...infect the mind, heart, and soul of listeners worldwide with their truth and integrity through song.”

“The Butterfly Effect” as well as the group's entire project was produced by Day Underscore. His use of Omnisphere, Kontakt 5, Cubase, Native instruments, and other VST's meld together to create infectious harmonies and beats. Honesty is abound in It’s A Cool Day’s songwriting, something fostered by Olskool Ice-Gre. The music video (directed by Olskool Ice-Gre), a cool-toned visualization of falling for someone, features both artists lounging with their prospective love interests as they profess their feelings to the camera.

In many ways, “The Butterfly Effect” encompasses all that It’s A Cool Day offers their listeners: radio-readiness, relaxed vibes, and optimism.

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