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  • Nova Holmes

It's a family affair: Oz native SLXCK delivers toe-tapping groover 'FANTASIZE'

Photo credit: Simone Bartels

Hailing from the land of Oz, multi-genre recording artist SLXCK is well-versed in the art of juggling unique talents. Armed with a new take on infectious pop productions and his signature groove, SLXCK now returns with a new playful yet reflective offering ‘FANTASIZE'.

Following arrival on the scene and the development of a superbly varied catalogue, it’s clear SLXCK recognises his unique talent for communicating relatable experiences, drawing inspiration from the likes of 6LACK, KAYTRANADA and Tom Zanetti and praising them for their catching production cuts and no nonsense lyricism and unorthodox approach to music production.

From studying music production and honing his craft with DJ sets to triumphantly charming his way onto the scene in 2022, SLXCK has developed his craft to become a truly conceptual artist, envisioning layered synths and guitar riffs working alongside each other to create a pure, unadulterated funky pop experience.

His latest offering is decorated with the vocals of his family members, and as SLXCK continues to think outside the box and recognises the sonic complexity and depth that collaboration brings, his sound continues to evolve. Writing the lyrics to ‘FANTASIZE’ in a McDonald's parking lot, the verses came naturally to the unique talent as he harnessed true encounters and emotion, inviting listeners into his headspace while contemplating love and all that encompasses it.

Seeking lightbulb moments in times of reflective solitude, SLXCK lives in the limbo of unrequited love in his latest delivery. As he acknowledges and embraces the concept of loosening the reins and accepting free fall, the artist confidently steps into his full potential with fun lyrical elements and a fresh perspective on funkified pop music with hip hop fusion tones.

With a natural propensity for floating between mellow and upbeat productions, this versatility is very much reflective of his personality and naturally, the ever-shifting emotions of his listeners. Entering a new era, with a sharp focus on creating hip hop-pop excellence, SLXCK's rallying cry to his fans is simple: laugh, dance, cry and repeat.

“Based on a past experience with someone that meant a lot to me. But I know 100% that almost anybody has been in a situation where they care deeply for somebody who doesn’t reciprocate it or perhaps doesn’t see it within themselves. Maybe it relates to somebody else’s thoughts/feelings about you, or even me. I just really enjoyed making it, I think it’s relatable but also really groovy.” - SLXCK

Stream 'FANTASIZE' below:


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