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Italy's Finest Alessia Labate Releases EP ‘YMNE’ & New Music Video!

Alessia Labate has unveiled her four-track EP ‘YMNE’. The refreshing pop offering combines funk rhythms and sassy vocal lines, showing off Alessia’s unique and signature style.

The EP kicks off with Alessia’s latest single ‘You’re My Next Ex’, a flirty pop track that reflects on Alessia’s personal growth. Alongside the EP, Alessia revealed the official music video for the single.

Check it out here:

The EP also includes tracks ‘Fvck Nostalgia’, that see Alessia team up with Beatrice Quinta for a track in both Italian and English. Perhaps the catchiest song on the EP, ‘TRUST!’ is the perfect pop track designed for the dancefloor. The final track on the EP ‘Superficial’ has a latin flare and is nostalgic of 00s R&B-pop tunes.

Born into a musical household, Alessia Labate was first discovered as a contestant on the Italian talent show Io Canto, at the age of 12, where she duetted with Peter Cincotti and James Blunt and worked alongside a professional orchestra; right after the show she toured Italy’s arenas, started writing in both English and Italian and at 17 she participated in The Voice of Italy.

The experiences Labate gained from these high-profile experiences defined her approach to creating music, paving the way for her to enter CET - Scuola di Mogol, a prestigious songwriting school. After graduating high school, Labate moved to Rome and then to Milan to make music full-time.

Over the years Alessia has honed her craft, experimenting with new styles and stepping out of her comfort zone. Now with a strong number of releases under her belt, it’ll be exciting to see where Alessia Labate goes next!

Check out her new EP here:

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