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Ivy Ash is back on the scene with a new song release: Third Degree

Ivy Ash is a singer and songwriter with the rare ability to be able to keep a fresh and dynamic approach to songwriting and musicianship. This might seem like something the average music listener does not even consider, but it is actually one of the most important elements that go into making music. The ability to be original and creative, while still retaining a very personal touch is so priceless! Her most recent release, Third Degree, stands out as a really great example of what she can accomplish, and her blend of indie-pop, honest lyrics and lush cinematic sounds is totally irresistible. The song is well-produced and impactful in terms of soundscapes, and it also feels really well-executed from a performance standpoint, highlighting Ivy’s craft and artistry from the moment you hit the play button. This one's for you if you enjoy music that feels catchy, yet real and relatable. Learn more about Ivy Ash’s music, and do not pass up on Third Degree. This release is set for release this October 26th for stream and download on all major platforms!

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