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Ivy Ash's Disco Universe: New Single 'Third Degree' Out Now

In Third Degree, Ivy Ash is proclaiming the sheer confidence needed to deliver what the song’s disco flairs truly require. Reminiscent of the 90’s disco and electronic pop, Ivy’s ecstatic song builds and drops to the grand yet low-fi breakthroughs that make the song even more catchy than it already would have been.

Born and bred in Warwickshire, Ivy moved to London and then France. She’s a young soul in a whirlpool of experienced artists but she embodies the vigor needed to spear through. The insightful artist is a supporter of seeking help when encountering circumstances constrained by mental health and approaches her music as an expression where those who do not have a voice, can feel they do in hers.

Recently, the talented artist has gained recognition for her songwriting abilities at the international radio play and BBC Music.

It’s clear Ivy Ash is stepping into the spotlight but with her disco-driven infatuation, she dictates precisely which spotlight she really wants – at the core of a dance floor.

'Third-degree' is a disco storytelling journey. Until the infectious chorus takes over with its rhythmic beat and her repetitive catchy lyrics, there is an escapism and rock influence that captures the heart of the listener even before the song reaches its peak.

Her songwriting puts all filters to shame as she blatantly sings about resisting being deceived. The fiesty production mirrors the message of the song – redefining what It means to live your life and venturing into the next stage as the most daunting version of yourself. The lyrics impeded to Ivy taking control of her autonomy as an individual through the unbridled joy of dancing in the freest space to have existed – a disco universe.

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