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JËVA gets personal with powerful pop on his new EP ‘Typhoon’

Australian-Chinese artist JËVA addresses his own identity and traumatic coming-out in the form of his witty lyricism and euphoric pop sound on his new EP ‘Typhoon’. He tackles unrequited love in the form of a six-track, a chronological tragedy that blends experimental sonic elements with a rhythmic and other-worldly feel energy that sets him apart in the pop universe.

Discussing the new EP, JËVA reveals:

Through writing this EP, it’s helped me process each and every difficult emotion on the journey. I had lived 20 years of my life hiding this big secret and holding such weight of shame… That starting the domino effect of confessing was a point of no return. This extremely uncomfortable element of unchartered territory surrounding my identity gave this already tricky romantic situation a supercharged emotional weight. It was an extremely hard time of my life.” JËVA adds: “Through writing the songs I found a safe space to explore how I was feeling, process my trauma & navigate this really tricky time of my life. I couldn’t see it then, but it was my support system.”

Take a listen to the EP below:

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