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Jabriel returns with his groovy new offering “Signs”

Over the last few years, the Carolinas have seen a surge in artists on the rise, and Florence-bred singer-songwriter Jabriel is next up to bat, as he returns with his groovy new offeringSigns off of his 2020 album Vol.1.

Crafted in collaboration with A. Rhodes,”Signs” is a contemporary approach to classic R&B writing styles and vocal tones with a stripped down R&B production. Boasting a strong range, soulful intonation, and vivid lyricism, Jabriel fuses R&B and pop with vocal agility that appeals to a wide audience.

“I wanted to create something sexy with an old school feel but still felt current enough to match the current landscape of music today.” Jabriel explains.

Previously, he made a name for himself as an in-demand songwriter with placements for artists such as Ashton London, Tiffany Evans, and Omarion. Now with his latest soulful release, Jabriel is eager to bring a versatile element to his own soundscapes, and is set to fortify his place as a rising R&B star.

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