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Jack Simpson releases reflective EP ‘Jack Simpson Is Looking Up At The Trees’

North Yorkshire artist Jack Simpson has released his newest EP, ‘Jack Simpson Is Looking Up At The Trees,’ adding to his collection of singer-songwriter folk, classic rock, and occasional pop discography. Likened to artists such as Steve Earle, Tom Paxton, and Leonard Cohen, Jack Simpson’s EP is inspired by nature, Saint Francis of Assisi, and his life in Yorkshire.

Jack Simpson has released the six-track EP ‘Jack Simpson Is Looking Up At The Trees’. Across the cohesive eighteen-minute runtime, Jack travels between anthems filled with brass arrangements and high octane vocals on the track ‘Birthday Greetings’ to gentle folk swayers with soft instrumentation on ‘Pentecost Again’ to gritty rock nostalgia on the closer ‘Trees’. Never tied to one genre or ensemble, the project's glue is Jack’s astute attitude and rich musicianship.

In Jack Simpson’s own words, “This EP uses songs written over the past 40 years. It varies in context from a simple birthday song to a complex observation of the beauty of nature/God in a tree. In between are songs about babies and spirituality. It is about everything in life.”

The EP 'Jack Simpson Is Looking Up At The Trees' has been eagerly awaited since the artist's lockdown-inspired EP in 2020, 'Jack Simpson Has Got The Lockdown Blues.' For any listener passionate about themes of nature, religion, and life's emotions, this EP is a must-listen.



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