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Jacob Humber indie-pop single "Jesus at My Dining Room Table"

Once again Jacob Humber tackles a difficult topic in the form of an indie-pop single "Jesus at My Dining Room Table."

The main feature of the track is atmospheric vocals narrate the track upon ethereal instrumentation that compliment each other well. The chilled-out feel of the track allows for the listener to think and appreciate what is being discussed. Jacob's lyrical content is impressive, well-penned and suited to the topic of conversation. When his football career ended abruptly, he began writing songs and he’s gone from strength to strength.

Jacob reveals that the inspiration of the song came from college and his own personal experience of religion. “Toward the end of my time in college in Waco, TX, I started writing songs with a guy I worked with named Ben. We held similar sentiments on a number of conversational topics - one specifically regarding the character of Jesus from the Bible. He and I were both raised in evangelical christian households, and we both harbored frustration and sadness over who Jesus is hailed to be by "Christians," and who we've experienced this man to be in our own lives. The two versions of Jesus couldn't be further apart - something we would talk about often.”

The ability to bring topics to the forefront of conversations in any country through one medium has never been more prominent and Jacob wants to be on the forefront of this. With a love of conversation and a passion for refining lyrics, the future seems very bright for the singer-songwriter.

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