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Jacob Humber’s captivating new single ‘Sometimes’ is all about introspection.

Jacob Humber, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, is noted for his thoughtful songwriting, which includes everything from energetic indie pop-rock to airy indie-folk and even gentler ballads. Having been able to reflect on his own life and composing process throughout time by enjoying his own company, taking thoughtful walks, and sitting in solitude, Jacob found and channelled truths about himself into a soothing acoustic experience, sharing his innermost feelings while consoling listeners. A hauntingly beautiful contemplation of self and childhood experiences that feels almost cinematic, in the new single ‘Sometimes’.

Talking about the new song, Jacob reveals: “One of the first things I did when I moved to Nashville 3.5 years ago found a therapist, and since day 1 we've been digging into patterns of unhealthy behaviors. Most of them can be tied to behaviors (or responses to behaviors) learned both directly and indirectly from my parents. I know that they did the best they could raising me, and this song came about as I spent time considering that my folks have some pretty serious baggage of their own. Generational trauma is a bit of a nebulous subject - one that quietly burdens each of us. I originally wrote this song a couple of years ago as I was noticing some hard truths about myself, things in me that I wish weren't there. I started thinking about where those things could have come from, and out came Sometimes.”

With a novel blend of acoustic Indie sensibility and cinematic dosage of commercial appeal, 'Sometimes' is a song that is as catchy as it is haunting, allowing one to ponder on personal realities and lives in a beautiful way. ‘Sometimes’ is out now.


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