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Jake Schafer delivers his bouncing new EP 'The Space Between'

Having spent the last few years working at some of the most illustrious studios in Nashville, as well as working on his own solo material, fast-rising producer and songwriter Jake Schafer has now unveiled his new EP 'The Space Between'.

Channelling a rich and diverse aesthetic that looks to marry a blend of disco and lo-fi electro-pop throughout, 'The Space Between' makes for an incredibly bold and fascinating collection. With its fresh and bouncing aesthetic, layered effortless between his own soaring vocal performance, the artist is looking to make a grand impression on this new release.

Speaking about the EP, he said, "Stuck between who you aspire to be, who you've been, and who you currently are. You know who you really are. What your influences are. What your potential is. But do you portray that? Have you made that a reality? That transitional period of who you once were and who you are becoming. That's The Space Between."

Listen to 'The Space Between' in full below.

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