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Jamie Beale releases acoustic video for 'King Godzilla'

After touring for several years with Novatines, Jamie Beale came back to the UK, experimented with his individual songwriting style, leaning more towards a dreamy-pop sound whilst staying true to his veteran touring artist roots. What came of this was his debut full-length project, ‘Nimbus’, an impressive first album and one that promised future works would continue to excite and inspire.

One of the tracks from this project is entitled ‘King Godzilla’, which has now been given it’s own music video, in the form of a stripped back, acoustic version. The same bouncy feel, with just vocals and piano. We hear Jamie’s performance far rawer than we did in the original, we can feel far more the emotions his lyricism and voice are conveying. The track is still however, a joyful, self-confident anthem.

The music video is set with black and white visuals and lighting that focuses on the musicians, allowing us to focus on the music. The video swaps between moving close ups of the musicians and static shots that let us see the dark room with the musicians lit up. There’s a sense of animation in the room and the acoustic version is an exciting new addition to Jamie Beale’s style.

Talking about the track itself, he says, “King Godzilla is a track that explores identity. For a while I was really interested in this idea of ‘finding ourselves’. As an artist, I’ve spent a lot of my life exploring who I am as a songwriter and a person, but due to our own interpretation of ourselves and each other, largely influenced by our upbringing, conditioning and our own egos, it’s so easy to have this picture of ourselves clouded and morphed, for better or for worse. I suppose I’ve landed on the idea that all we have to do in order to find ourselves is to just be and let others be, and to try and remain as present and as honest with ourselves as we can. So the less we try, and the more we just allow ourselves to live day by day without carrying around judgement or attachment to the way we think we should be, or others should be, the closer we become to acceptance and this idea of being at peace or free in our own bodies and minds. The chorus of the song expresses that it’s never too late to get on the right track, whatever the hell that means for each of us!”

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