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Jasimi reveals delicious new offering 'FOOOD'

Maybe the most eclectic and diverse track you'll encounter this month, Jasimi's new contender 'FOOOD' is taken from her tasty new EP 'Bought Myself Daisies'. Gaining support from the likes of 'New Music Friday', LOCK, CLOUT, Amor Magazine and many more, Jasimi is captivating the nation with her tremendous music straight from the heart.

Sharing her thoughts on the sensational new single, Jasimi explains, “FOOOD is eclectic, funky, unique and sexy. It’s an embodiment of 3 different faces of woman. The fiery, the ethereal, and the humble. It’s a song about love, lust and trust. I think it’s special because it hits you at the base of your spine, the top of your head and your heart. I’ve never heard a song like it before, which I think is cool. It’s also about sex. But the kind that is nourishing like a delicious meal rather than junk food”.”

Track number four off the EP, 'FOOOD' isn't like anything else you've heard before. Instantly recognisable as Jasimi's own, it's the songwriter's powerful vocal that steals the show. Unbelievably original.

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