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JAYO releases smooth sounding new single ‘Diamonds’

JAYO is an exciting rising star, and one to keep your eye on. He's unique and signature sound has been deservedly well-received, already being backed as a BBC Hotlisted artist and met acclaim from CLASH via their popular playlists. East-London hailing Artist Kieron Boothe also makes an appearance on the record, and creating an impact.

His latest single ‘Diamonds’ showcases this unique sound. The single pays homage to Chip, Skepta, Bon Iver and Kendrick Lama, creating a colourful melting pot of influences that JAYO manages to keep fresh and his own. JAYO's lyricism works hand in glove with his infectious vocal lines.

Discussing the release JAYO explains: “After watching the movie ‘Blood Diamond’, I was inspired to speak on the topic in my music. I addressed how Diamonds can often bestow and represent a different meaning when imported from Africa into Western culture. For some of us, they represent a high unattainable class. For others, they represent our hard work and labour, which can be ironically tied to the blood that was spilled to source the diamonds in Africa in the first place. For some, it's sort of like reclaiming what their people are owed... It's all down to interpretation.

With his father being a prominent music journalist, JAYO’s love of the arts came at an early age - and they’re clear to hear in his latest offering. With each release comes a new milestone hit for JAYO, and we think this is only the start.

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