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Jaz Vernon releases rich new single ‘Blue Coupe’

Hailing from Far Rockaway, Jaz Vernon has shown musical talent from a young age, learning multiple instruments by ear. This developed into his ability to make music that blends 90s and modern R&B to create a luxuriant and fresh soundscape. The artist has seen radio success for his efforts and continues to drive his way into the industry.

Jaz Vernon’s latest track is ‘Blue Coupe’ a track that you can truly relax into, with the melodies in the beat being very easy on the ear, warm pianos that repeat simple chords. This is backed up with punchy drums and hard-hitting bass, all cutting through to drive the track. Jaz uses his vocals to full effect, with harmonies, ad-libs and counter melodies all being added in to complete the mix.

Jaz shares, “I recorded this song in my room right before traveling to LA for the first time. My in-house producer Gamal sent me the beat and Immediately started recording. It was like a long rush of adrenaline.

We don’t have time to waste. Put the pride and ego aside.”

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