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Jeffrey Oliver drops introspective track "Buggin"

Stockholm musician Jeffrey Oliver introspects on the challenges of chasing our dreams and also being a good partner on alt R&B offering “Buggin,” crafted upon a hazy, electro-infused instrumentation and led by his rich vocals.

An impressive showcase of Oliver’s ability to express his own vulnerability while bringing comfort to others through the same vehicle of groovy musicality, the track was written by Jeffrey Oliver, recorded and produced by Frank Moses in Losertown studios.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, he said,“I just had to make a song about this as a lot of people are buggin’ when me and Frank are in the studio. People don’t seem to understand the time and effort it takes to create a song. So this is literally just a song based on people that keep calling me about stupid shit like going out or to go shopping. I just want to make music, that’s it.”

From his 2017 debut right until now, this rising performer and producer boasts a powerful genre-hopping combination of heartfelt lyricism and polished production that strikes a chord with anyone listening.

Connect with Jeffrey Oliver : Facebook| Twitter| Instagram

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