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Jen Lush releases wistful new single 'Icon - song 1'

Jen Lush has returned with a second single and accompanying music video that allows us to see into her forthcoming album ‘Hum Of The Mettle’. ‘Icon - song 1’ is outlines with a gentle acoustic guitar laid upon an ethereal pad. The vocals are brought in, evocative and soft, Jen carries the track onwards as it builds around her. We see electric guitars, drums and celestial keys all expand the track, all the while Jen’s lyricism, poetry from Maria Zajkowski, beautifully glides along the top. It’s uplifting and idyllic, wistful and heavenly.

On the new single, she says “My second single and video release ‘Icon – song 1’ has arrived directly from a poem by Maria Zajkowski, award-winning poet, lyricist and librettist based in Melbourne, from her most recent book of poetry, Icon. Of this book she writes “My father, Eugienuisz Zajkowski, had a hard, miraculous and normal life. He never intended to be an icon. This collection preserves some of what I lost to his Alzheimer’s. And then, what I lost when he died.”

Hailing from Adelaide, Jen is known for her spacious and emotive vocal that brings in poetry, letting her see success with previous projects. ‘Hum of the Mettle’ is crafted from contemporary Australian poetry and was commissioned by the Denmark Festival of Voice. This is an exciting concept that has only been made more alluring by the first two singles. Jen Lush is an artist to have an eye on.

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